Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Newly in Love: TOMS

So I have a new love.  Or at least I am pretty sure it's love.

If you're not familiar with this company and their practices, you can read about One for One here.  For every pair of shoes someone buys, they give a pair to a child in need.  How great is that?!  Help children around the world without leaving your living room, and get some amazing shoes in the meantime!
I have heard about this company Toms for some time, and I knew there was a company that does this buy a pair/give a pair away.  Very recently, I put the two together and realized both are this company called Toms.  But, I had never owned any Toms shoes myself.
Until tonight!
I have two beauties on their way to my house.
I think these will be perfect for when we go to Arizona:

And I think these will be adorable with skirts, slacks, shorts, dresses when it starts to warm up:

Take a moment to find out about Toms One for One then find some cuties for yourself while helping a child in need.  Start shopping!
I have a feeling you may be newly in love too!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Brave

Five Minute Friday: BareLinking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and others for Five-Minute Friday.  A five-minute free write on a given prompt.  This week:  BRAVE.
**UPDATE:  OK, so I realized after I wrote and posted this writing that the prompt was actually WRITE.  There was so much discussion on Twitter last night about being brave, I misunderstood when Lisa-Jo posted the prompt.  Oh well.  Apparently there's something here I needed to share!  :)  Enjoy! 

I know some incredibly brave people.
Some personally, some through online friendships.
A few of my brave friends write books and have them published, and put their ideas out there for everyone in the world to review, and critique.
A few of my brave friends have incredible jobs, where they work to serve and protect others.  Jobs like law enforcement, and serving our country through the military.  We can never thank them enough for their bravery.
A few of my brave friends have other incredible jobs where they serve others in different ways. They teach, or they are nurses, or they are working behind the scenes of million-dollar corporations.  (Yes, believe it or not, there ARE real people back there doing work to help others!)
But my brave friends who touch me most deeply?
They're the ones doing life. Every.single.day, dealing with potentially devastating situations.
Yet, they're not being devastated by life.
My close friend who stares down the demon of depression every day.
My loved one whose life was turned upside down and whose marriage is ending.
My friend who survived an abusive marriage and is emerging beautifully from her ordeal.
My friend from high school whose life of faith is an inspiration to many, especially through her illnesses and the sudden loss of her husband over a year ago.
I could go on and on and on.
We all know these people.  We watch them, we cry with them, we pray with them, we pray for them.
For them, and the people who love them.
Because it takes alot to encourage and love on those who are close to us who are hurting.
But it takes even more to be brave.  To do life every.single.day.
In big ways and in small ways.
My brave friends inspire me.
And I thank God for them.