Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

Today's prompt:  In Between
I don't know many people who enjoy being in between.  It's a place I think all of us find ourselves at one time or another.  And from what I hear from other people, they don't enjoy it anymore than I do.
There's always some level of in between going on.  In my family, I was in between siblings: 4 older, 2 younger.  I loved it.  That, I guess, was - and still is - one case of in between I don't mind.
But at the same time, there are other in betweens going on:
I'm in between school years.
I'm in between loads of laundry.
I'm in between efforts to get back in shape.
I'm in between being content with my job and wanting to do something different.
A good friend of mine went through an incredible trial a couple years ago when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 23 years of age.  Her daughter, Melissa, was a first-year teacher, taking graduate classes, working a part-time job, enjoyed exercise and healthy living, so it came as quite a shock to her family.  My friend, Maggie, told me during one of their in between treatment times, that although they were encouraged, it was tough being in that "holding pattern".  She said to me: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window, but sometimes, it's hell in the hallway."
Now, thank heaven, I'm not dealing with anything that critical in my life right now.  But it's not comfortable to be in between.
I know in my heart, though, it CAN give me a chance to practice patience, practice relying more fully on God.  I will pray to focus on that rather than my discomfort as I work through the in between.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

This is a new experiment for me.  It's called Five Minute Fridays, and I learned about it on Twitter.  Given a prompt, I write for five minutes straight.  That's it.  Well, then I post it and link it up (which I hope I can figure out!) and my free-write is out there for everyone to read.  So, here goes.  

Today's prompt:  Rhythm.
My house is quiet right now, and yet I hear patterns and rhythms.
I'm a pattern-ish type girl.  I like order, I like having a plan.  So I seek this out.  I like finding the rhythm of life.
At times during my teaching career, I've taken students on a "rhythm walk" or "nature walk".  (OK, yes, part of it was just to get outside during nice weather!)  But I would encourage them to notice things that have a specific rhythm to them.  The things we would notice were interesting and varied:  trains, car tires going over bumps, birds, the wind.
I still notice some of these things now.  At night, well, and sometimes even during the day, I hear the bullfrogs on our ponds croaking away.  There are times when they croak together, then at other times, they are at odds with one another.  Once in a while they join their rhythm together, but not always.  Other times there is that ongoing tension.
I find this in other things too:  the washing machine -- ahhh when it's balanced, but boy howdy when it's not.  The dryer.  The clocks ticking.
I find it in my spiritual life as well.  When I am listening to God, spending time in His word, things are in sync. I have that "ahhh" feeling.  When I think I'm too busy to schedule quiet time in, when I haven't spent time with Him in prayer, I feel that tension mounting.  I need that balance.  I need that relaxation, that release, when I am back in line with my Lord.
As a music teacher, I thought of the song, and changed it up:  I got rhythm, I got music, I got my *Lord*, who could ask for anything more?!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ideas and wonderings

Something strange happens to me during these lazy days of summer. 
I so appreciate that I've had a few days to do some things I enjoy (sewing, mowing the yard, etc.), and taking care of things that need to be done (weeding the garden, laundry, etc.)  
But when I have time to let myself just "be", I start getting all these ideas.  And wondering about things.  
Ideas like: I'd really like to be a successful blogger.  
And: I would like a speaking engagement or training for 8 to Great to do.  
And: I would love a fun adventure to come up to enjoy! 
I wonder about things like:  Could I make a living sewing?  How about crocheting? 
And also wondering:  Why can't I keep my office/workspace neat?  Or the rest of the house, for that matter?
I spend alot of time thinking about the coming school year and my students.  I pray for guidance in decisions to be made, I pray for my students, I pray for the other teachers and workers at school.  (I know, it's summer - quit thinking about school!)  
I think about my friends.  I have great ideas to get together with them, plan adventures together...but most of the time, this is where I fail.  I figure everyone is busy with summer plans, and it's too hard to try to schedule time together, so I let it go........I let my mind wander on to other topics, and never get in touch with my friends, and sadly, don't even let them know I was thinking of them.  
With Dave out of the house most of the day during this summer time, I'm left alone with my ideas and wonderings much of the time.  Sometimes it gets a little goofy and silly.  But sometimes it serves me well.  
I've got a little time before Dave gets home for the day.  I think I'll try to set up a "play date" with a friend.