Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Girl Meets Change (Book review)

I don't like change.  
Let me just put that out there right away.
Yet, I know change is inevitable in life.
So, I was excited to have the opportunity to read Kristen Strong's new book Girl Meets Change, because I hoped I could glean some nugged of wisdom or insight from this book.
I was right.
Kristen's story was a wonderful one to read. As a military wife, her adult life has been filled with relocations and all the changes that go with that. She shares her thoughts, insights, and wisdom regarding accepting and adjusting to change as it presents itself in one's life.  Change even when we are the ones who initiate it, can be stressful and unnerving. Acknowledging that change isn't easy, especially when waiting for direction, Kristen shares:

Wait time isn't dead time; it's time spent awake and alive to all God wants to show and give us. p.105 

Throughout the book, Kristen does more than focus only on change.  I appreciate what she shares regarding gratitude.  To me, gratitude is such a critical part of life.  Through the story of a family medical emergency, finding herself in a waiting room with no windows, Kristen shares this reflection:

When we look around our windowless rooms and aren't sure what to do, we say what we're thankful for out loud because that forces light through the densest walls. p.113

As many times, and in as many ways as I have thought about gratitude, and taught about gratitude, I had never thought of it in this way.  I am appreciative of this new insight.

When visiting with her son about gratitude and optimism, the wisdom her son shows is precious:

So it's not about having an optimistic attitude when it comes to gratitude. It's about having a God-timistic one. Ethan, on p.116

The importance of friends as one goes through change is unquestionable one of the most important aspects of thriving, not just surviving such circumstances.  A good portion of the book addresses this specific need.  My eyes filled with tears as I read these words, overflowing with wisdom:

...the blessing of a good friend: they outlast the protests. They stick close and refuse to let their friend go through their change alone. They see through all the "I'm fine" and "I'm good" statements to the heart of the matter and help where they can. p.159

I always like when a book can be read as though you're sitting down with the person, who has become a friend in sharing their heart, enjoying a cup of coffee with them. This is one such book.

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