Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Present

I've had the luxury this summer of having a lot of down time.  This feels like the first summer for a long time that this has happened.  Not having to take classes, not preparing for a new job, not getting married -- these things are what I've done the last 3 summers, so this summer it is very nice to have free time.
There have been many things I've wanted to do during this time away from school: work on my quilting stash, keep the garden better, go to a yarn shop and pull any yarn I want to and start a small project, start running again.  I've done better with some of these things than others, I must admit.  (But I actually *have* run!)
Yet, I have to keep watch on myself so that I stay present with what I AM doing, so that I don't get so caught up in what's coming up that I lose track of what I'm doing in the present moment.  Whether it's enjoying sewing on one of my quilt projects that have been tucked in my cupboard for however many years, or spending a fun day with my nieces, or working in the garden, it's hard for me to keep my mind from racing.  And can it ever race: from what else needs to be done, to what's coming up, to what happened the other get the picture.
But, with God's amazing grace, every once in a while, I do have the sense to just pause, and breathe in, and "check in" with myself, with Him, with what He's given me.  When I am able to be present, I'm able to appreciate greater the incredible blessings my God grants to me every day, and I'm able to share those blessings with others with a more cheerful heart and more willing spirit.  And everyone appreciates that!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

Today's Five-Minute-Friday word is: Beautiful
I am blessed to be surrounded by beauty.  I realize this as I see it everyday.
Not everyone would agree with my perspective of beauty.
We have a beautiful home, but none of it, nor any of our belongings, have been designed or decorated by well-known designers.  Well, OK, other than the "named" purse I've been fortunate to have for the last month or so.  But our home is beautiful, and welcoming, and it's home.
I look out the windows of our home, and I see waves of green flowing in the fields.  I believe the mountains are beautiful, I love the beach for it's beauty as well, but, there is beauty to be found in the Midwest too, believe it or not.
I look in the mirror, and I don't always see beauty.  In fact, more times than not, I see flaws, imperfections, things I'd like to have different.  But when my husband sees me, he sees beauty, and that's important to me. And I treasure that.  Immensely.  
When Christ sees me, I realize He created me -- flaws and imperfections and all.  But He created me in His image.  I view Christ as beautiful -- broken, and beautiful.  Which means, if I am created in Christ's image, I am beautiful.
And that's the most important way I choose to view myself.  Beautiful, not in my eyes, nor in my husband's eyes, but in Christ's eyes.