Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Woman Code (Book Review)

NOTE:  I was provided with a copy of Sophia Nelson's newly published book The Woman Code from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my review of it.  In addition, affiliate links are present in this blog post.

Something's going on.
Within my heart.
Ever get that feeling?
Nothing major, mind you. I'm not talking changing jobs, or locations, or anything like that.  I'm very happy in my physical space and in my life situation right now.
I love my husband.  I'm enjoying my job.  I have hobbies and interests I enjoy.
But still.....there's something.
This last book I read?  It touched on that "something" within me.
Women live by an inner "code", according to author Sophia Nelson in her new book The Woman Code (see it here).  This code is actually a combination of a number of codes which fall into five major categories: Personal Codes, Emotional Codes, Spiritual Codes, Professional Codes, and Relational Codes.
I have always enjoyed self-improvement books, methods, resources.  As a result, several of the ideas contained within this book I have heard before, but not in this way.
Sophia Nelson takes examples and personal incidents, and shares them in wonderfully beautiful ways to help us, the readers, understand what she is helping us learn.  The examples of Donna and Janet in "Know Your Value" are examples that, I believe, will resonate with every woman.  When we can look at this third-party instance, we realize the impact our understood value as girls has created us to be the women we are today.  Additionally, her grandmother's reminder to "never cut what you can untie" is a poignant reminder to keep the right doors open in our lives.  In the same Code, she helps us understand when to "cut" and when to "untie" to best serve the needs and times in our lives.
One part of this book that was a little overwhelming was the number of Codes Nelson introduces (twenty of them!).  However, once I got into this book, I saw how they were easy to group together under the major Code areas.  Although they were each separate, they were all interwoven with one another which made it easy to continue to read and grow from her writing.
An added bonus to this book is the Study Guide that is included as part of this book.  This is going to be an invaluable resource as I go back to study and learn the Woman Code in more instances in my own life.
That feeling of something going on?
Are you feeling it now, too?

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