Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: True

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday, where we write for five(ish) minutes on a one-word prompt.  This week's word:  True.

We had our fall concert last night at school.  I'm fortunate that Dave and I had dinner before the concert together, and he stayed for the concert.  I don't take this for granted, the fact that he stayed for the concert.  Not having any relatives in the program, or even any real connection to the school or community (other than me teaching), it'd be easy for him to bow out.
And I'd be ok with that.
But the fact is, he was there.
That's one huge indicator of true love, in my book.
A funny thing happened after the concert, though.  I had opened up my room so students could claim their belongings, and was standing at the door as they went in and out of the room.  Dave was standing next to me, and was ready to go, so he leaned over and gave me a kiss as he was leaving.  One of the students walked by and made a funny comment about PDA.  We all laughed about it, and Dave leaned over for one more kiss from me before he walked away.  Another group of students saw and, oh my goodness, the squeals that came from them.  So darling.
As I reflected on this as I was driving home, and as I was finishing up the day, I realized the incredibly humbling way God is answering my prayers.  My most constant prayer is to make a difference for Him.  That's all I ask.  I realize as I am in situations every day where Christ's presence in me is making a difference for some of the young people.  As they see me interact with other teachers. As they see me handle challenging situations.  As they see me with my husband.
Do I always succeed?
Oh my.......I wonder when "grace" will be our Five Minute Friday prompt........
Heavens, no, I don't always succeed.  I fail miserably.  But I am so, so, so very thankful for God's true grace and mercy and unending love.  I am thankful for these reminders to keep me humble and always searching for His guidance in my life.
Love.  Grace.  Mercy.  Love.
These things I know are true.


  1. Visiting from 5MF - such a sweet picture of you and your husband. You are right - it's a beautiful thing for your squealing students to see.

  2. I'm fortunate with those students of mine, huh? Thanks for the comment about the picture too. :) Thanks so much for stopping by, Susan!