Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Throughout November, people have been posting and sharing things for which they are grateful.  I do this with 2 different online/email groups, but we do 3 things each day for which we are grateful.  Finding their emails in my Inbox every morning is such a blessing, especially on the days when I am grumbling around, or have not yet done my gratitudes for the day.  
As I'm sitting in my living room this morning, I started to think through all the things for which I'm grateful.  I decided to see if I can do an A-Z list.  So - here goes.  

I am grateful today for:
A: Abundance.  I don't take lightly the fact that at any given time, I have more than enough of whatever I need.  I have been blessed. 
B: Bread.  I don't mean this in the literal sense (although who am I to pass up a good dinner roll?!), but the fact that I am able to nourish my body in a healthy way is another example of the abundance in my life.  
C: Coffee.  Seriously.  It's a treat I get to enjoy every day. 
D:  Dave.  I had always heard how your spouse completes you.  I never fully understood that, until I married Dave.  I love this man more than I ever imagined I could love another human. 
E:  Energy.  Sometimes I joke about how exhausting it is being me.  I am grateful for the energy and spirit I am given to complete the tasks that are in front of me.  
F:  Faith.  Knowing I have everything I need in Christ is beyond incredible for me to imagine. 
G:  Godchildren.  I've not been blessed with my own children, but having been asked to help with the spiritual rearing of Lauren, Lucas, Anslei, and Laura Mae (and being a confirmation sponsor for Vanessa) has been a humbling, incredible blessing.  
H: Home.  We are blessed with a wonderfully safe, secure home.  I love that Dave opened his heart and home to me when we got married, and that we can share our home with our friends and families.  
I: In-Laws.  My brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws mean so much to me.  I am grateful for what each of them brings to our family.  
J:  Jesus.  Need I say more?!
K: Krance family.  Just typing that brings tears to my eyes.  I love my family.  
L: Life.  Too many loved ones have endured "close calls" with health this year, and their experiences have helped me treasure each day even more. 
M: Music.  Ahhh.  
N: Network of friends who support me.  Whether from a professional perspective, heart-to-heart friends, or more casual acquaintances, I am grateful for the incredible people with whom I surround myself. 
O: Opportunities.  I have been given great opportunities to grow as an individual, but also to encourage others, which is my greatest joy.  
P: Purpose.  My purpose in this world is to help others know Christ.  I am grateful for the guidance and opportunities He provides me to do this.  I fail miserably at times, but that makes me more grateful for His mercy and grace.  
Q: Quilts.  I love making quilts or afgans to share with others.  The warmth and security they provide is almost like an invisible hug from me to them. 
R: Running.  I don't do it nearly enough, but I am grateful for my health and strength, and the ability to run. 
S: Sunrises.  They just remind me of God's presence, and the possibilities that come with each new day.  
T: Teaching.  It is my job, but it is my passion.  Whether teaching young people, or other adults.  
U: Understanding.  Grateful for my mental capacity to understand , and grateful for being understood.  
V: Vastness of the world.  The beauty I observe, whether here at home, at the beach, at the mountains, all bring my heart and focus back to the wonder of creation and what God has done.  
W: Wendt family.  OK, a new round of tears for me.  How this family has welcomed me into their lives is beyond what I thought any family could.  I love them.  
X: X-periences.  (So I cheated a little......) We have had some awesome experiences this year, which I cherish.  
Y: Young people.  They drive me wacko once in a while, but I see such hope and promise in them. 
Z: Zucchini.  I like zucchini, but what zucchini makes me think of are people sharing what they have been given.  I am grateful for what others share.  

That's my list.  What would you include in your list? 
I have so very many things to be grateful for this year.  
Including zucchini.   

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  1. Love this list! What a neat idea to do an A-Z list. Leave it to you to take on that challenge. I do admire you, my friend. You are awesome!