Thursday, January 9, 2014

If you're at all interested......

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Dave built our home before it was "our" home.  He planned and worked on much of the building of this house many years ago, and lived in it for a few years before we even met.  The main floor of the house was, of course, completely finished.  The basement was not "finished out".  Parts of the basement were done....two bedrooms, the bathroom was working, one part of the main room we completed as Dave's office before we got married.  In the time since we've been married, the bathroom has been finished, we've finished part of the basement as my office and a music room for the guitars and other instruments we both have.  Dave has installed a fireplace downstairs, and we had some amazing woodworking done by a friend of ours to do bookshelves and the mantle.
The kitchen area is all that remains to be completed.  The cupboards were made by our friend Paul, and have been installed for a couple months.  We took our time deciding on the countertops.  We were pretty sure we wanted some type of stone or solid-surface material.  I liked a granite we found, Dave kind of liked a quartz we saw at one showroom.
If you're at all interested in our...
countertops, we went with the granite, and it was installed today.  They look amazing.
I seriously dreamed of having granite countertops some day.  Truly, it was something on my dream list for years.  Now, I don't have to dream anymore about that one.
Incredibly, amazingly blessed, I am.

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  1. Saw your post on Bloggy Moms, came over to check it out - nice job!