Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Minute Friday: SEE

Taking part in Five Minute Fridays, linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker.  A five-minute write, unedited, on a given prompt.  This week's prompt: SEE.

She could see the room was already full and she approached it. Conversations in full bloom.  Hugs being given, waves being exchanged as friends found one another in the crowded space.
She snuck in and hung out on the edge.  She risked a casual greeting a couple times, and sure, she got a couple smiles, and that helped her feel better.  But no one made that effort to bring her into their conversations.
They're all old friends, she told herself.  They just don't know me.  
And they won't get to know you if you stay over here on the edge, she argued with herself.
But they said they'd offer friendship.  And chocolate.  And I like friendship.  And I like chocolate, she reasoned again.
Maybe you don't belong here, came the thought from some dark place in her soul.
Lord, she prayed, I can see myself here.  Do you want me to follow this desire I have in my heart?  Even if no one else notices me clear over here, I still see myself here.  I want to be here.  I want to be part of this.  Even though it hurts a little to be on the outside fringe.  I want the community that's taking shape right in front of me.
She stood there a moment longer, and decided she had experienced enough for the moment.  Just then, as she was about to leave from the crowded space, someone approached her.  And she reached out to this person.
And she decided to stay.

Who is SHE?
One of my middle school students?  An awkward teenager at a club meeting?
No - she was me.  She IS me.  At any online Twitter, Facebook party.
I'm the one hoping someone will say "hi".  Will tell me they're glad to see me.  Will let me know they've read and/or appreciated something I've written.
Do I SEE myself as a blogger, or part of the blogging community?  I don't know.  But I do see myself encouraging others.  Extending friendship and chocolate.
Because I like friendship.
And I like chocolate.


  1. Oh, girl ... we could get along. You had me at chocolate.

    Joining you from FMF, where we are neighbors. May this day find you seeing all of the beauty and talents that you possess.

  2. Oh Dayle, bless your heart. Thanks so much for stopping by, neighbor! Joy and peace to you today!

  3. I see you and I feel the same way, friend! Twitter scares me. I'm so glad you've spent some time with me and shared your heart with me. So thankful for your gift of encouragement- making a promise to come back by and say hello.
    (love your authenticity!)