Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ideas and wonderings

Something strange happens to me during these lazy days of summer. 
I so appreciate that I've had a few days to do some things I enjoy (sewing, mowing the yard, etc.), and taking care of things that need to be done (weeding the garden, laundry, etc.)  
But when I have time to let myself just "be", I start getting all these ideas.  And wondering about things.  
Ideas like: I'd really like to be a successful blogger.  
And: I would like a speaking engagement or training for 8 to Great to do.  
And: I would love a fun adventure to come up to enjoy! 
I wonder about things like:  Could I make a living sewing?  How about crocheting? 
And also wondering:  Why can't I keep my office/workspace neat?  Or the rest of the house, for that matter?
I spend alot of time thinking about the coming school year and my students.  I pray for guidance in decisions to be made, I pray for my students, I pray for the other teachers and workers at school.  (I know, it's summer - quit thinking about school!)  
I think about my friends.  I have great ideas to get together with them, plan adventures together...but most of the time, this is where I fail.  I figure everyone is busy with summer plans, and it's too hard to try to schedule time together, so I let it go........I let my mind wander on to other topics, and never get in touch with my friends, and sadly, don't even let them know I was thinking of them.  
With Dave out of the house most of the day during this summer time, I'm left alone with my ideas and wonderings much of the time.  Sometimes it gets a little goofy and silly.  But sometimes it serves me well.  
I've got a little time before Dave gets home for the day.  I think I'll try to set up a "play date" with a friend.  

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