Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

Today's prompt:  In Between
I don't know many people who enjoy being in between.  It's a place I think all of us find ourselves at one time or another.  And from what I hear from other people, they don't enjoy it anymore than I do.
There's always some level of in between going on.  In my family, I was in between siblings: 4 older, 2 younger.  I loved it.  That, I guess, was - and still is - one case of in between I don't mind.
But at the same time, there are other in betweens going on:
I'm in between school years.
I'm in between loads of laundry.
I'm in between efforts to get back in shape.
I'm in between being content with my job and wanting to do something different.
A good friend of mine went through an incredible trial a couple years ago when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 23 years of age.  Her daughter, Melissa, was a first-year teacher, taking graduate classes, working a part-time job, enjoyed exercise and healthy living, so it came as quite a shock to her family.  My friend, Maggie, told me during one of their in between treatment times, that although they were encouraged, it was tough being in that "holding pattern".  She said to me: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window, but sometimes, it's hell in the hallway."
Now, thank heaven, I'm not dealing with anything that critical in my life right now.  But it's not comfortable to be in between.
I know in my heart, though, it CAN give me a chance to practice patience, practice relying more fully on God.  I will pray to focus on that rather than my discomfort as I work through the in between.


  1. Hallo Amy, I am visiting from Five Minute Friday. In between are scary places for most people and like your friend's daughter, I too was in between with cancer and when my daughter died. Today I was In Between of a different 5 minutes stretched to 4 hours and 2 minutes.
    Nice meeting you,
    Mojito and Me

    1. Hello Patricia -
      My condolences for the loss of your daughter. I can only imagine the in between-ness you were feeling during that time.
      For me, too, my 5 minutes can easily stretch a little longer..... :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your heart today. Praying for God's grace and peace to surround you today!