Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

This is a new experiment for me.  It's called Five Minute Fridays, and I learned about it on Twitter.  Given a prompt, I write for five minutes straight.  That's it.  Well, then I post it and link it up (which I hope I can figure out!) and my free-write is out there for everyone to read.  So, here goes.  

Today's prompt:  Rhythm.
My house is quiet right now, and yet I hear patterns and rhythms.
I'm a pattern-ish type girl.  I like order, I like having a plan.  So I seek this out.  I like finding the rhythm of life.
At times during my teaching career, I've taken students on a "rhythm walk" or "nature walk".  (OK, yes, part of it was just to get outside during nice weather!)  But I would encourage them to notice things that have a specific rhythm to them.  The things we would notice were interesting and varied:  trains, car tires going over bumps, birds, the wind.
I still notice some of these things now.  At night, well, and sometimes even during the day, I hear the bullfrogs on our ponds croaking away.  There are times when they croak together, then at other times, they are at odds with one another.  Once in a while they join their rhythm together, but not always.  Other times there is that ongoing tension.
I find this in other things too:  the washing machine -- ahhh when it's balanced, but boy howdy when it's not.  The dryer.  The clocks ticking.
I find it in my spiritual life as well.  When I am listening to God, spending time in His word, things are in sync. I have that "ahhh" feeling.  When I think I'm too busy to schedule quiet time in, when I haven't spent time with Him in prayer, I feel that tension mounting.  I need that balance.  I need that relaxation, that release, when I am back in line with my Lord.
As a music teacher, I thought of the song, and changed it up:  I got rhythm, I got music, I got my *Lord*, who could ask for anything more?!


  1. Yay I am so glad you joined Five Minute Friday and figured out how to link up :)!
    I started 2 weeks ago and have really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for your post too! Funny how we try to create our own rhythm and then somehow get out of sync... Thank God, He always faithfully holds rhythm and helps us join back into the song.

    1. I so agree, Rebecca! God's faithfulness saves my sad attempts time and again! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am also glad you joined us. I love your ideas of rhythms. They are beautiful. I agree with you so much about the balance and the tension. I also need the relaxation and release of being where I am supposed to be.

    1. Thank you Patricia! For me, I wish I could catch myself sooner when I'm sliding into that tension mode so I could relax and release sooner to enjoy more of the good stuff. Baby steps, I guess, right? :)

  3. Amy, I love the image of the bullfrogs croaking together and the discord that comes when they are not! Thanks for the encouragement to keep in time with the rhythm of our Lord. I'm grateful for the harmony He brings when we get there!

    1. Thank you Bethany for your thoughts! It is such sweet harmony when we come together with our God. I appreciate your encouragement!