Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Last

Five minutes to write on this prompt:  Last.
I don't remember many "lasts" in my life.  Some people have this amazing gift to remember things, and remember things well. I see it as a gift because I don't think I remember things well.
There are times when I'm together with friends or family, and they start talking about certain instances, or funny stories.  Most of the time, after we start talking about them, I do remember them, but to just pick a moment or time at random and start talking about it?  Not me.
Because of that, I don't remember many "lasts" going on.
I remember I was happy on my last day of high school.  I remember I was relieved when I got to leave a bad job for the last day.
Oh, yes, and I remember the last time I got to have lunch with a good friend.  It was awesome -- an hour and a half at the Cheesecake Factory.  Delicious.  The food, and the fellowship both!
And I remember the last kiss Dave gave me.  (That's easy, it was about an hour ago!)
And I remember the last beautiful sunrise I saw.  (It's going on right now!)
And I remember the last time I was overwhelmed by God's goodness and grace.  (About 20 minutes ago during my Scripture study.)
So maybe it's OK that I don't remember all my "lasts".
I just remember the good ones.


  1. Beautiful . . .

    We are often tempted to feel inadequate in some way when we encounter other people who can remember things with such clarity, or who notice details in the surroundings, or who seem to be able to juggle a thousand different things and not even seem flustered or out of breath.

    But the reality is that He created us perfectly, for the amazing purposes that He created for US to fulfill...

    Amazing, isn't it?

    I had the chance recently to eat at the cheesecake factory, but since our kids were with us we opted for something more quick since they were hungry. I still want to go!! :)

    1. It IS amazing, Meredith. I'm so glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts.
      And when you *do* make it to Cheesecake Factory, I highly recommend the Tuxedo Cheesecake..........!
      Have a blessed afternoon!

  2. Yes, beautiful.

    It's amazing how God gives grace and good gifts so freely - we can more often than not count on one hand when was the "last" time!

    1. Very true, Kelly, very true.....and I'm so grateful.
      Thanks for your thoughts!
      Enjoy your Friday!