Friday, August 9, 2013

FMF: Lonely

Five minutes on the topic of "lonely."
A couple days ago I finally did my FMF post on "Belong."  So in a way, I kind of thought I covered "Lonely" by what I shared in that post.
Then today happened.
I hadn't been looking TOO forward to today for some time, to be honest.  First day back to school.  I was feeling sad, discouraged, down in the dumps, so I did what any normal person with social media did:  I posted it on Facebook.  Then walked away to get the day going.
A day of workshops and sessions at work.  In a previous blog post, I had talked about how it seems hard to break in with people at work, to get into their pre-formed circles.  Cliques, if you will.  Much of the time, I feel like I don't belong.  So, walking in to the first session, almost everyone was seated.  I did the old middle school sweep-across-the-room-hoping-for-an-invitation-to-sit-down look from someone.  Anyone.  It didn't come.  Since I didn't see too many open seats without crowding a table, I sat down at a table by myself.  A couple other teachers did sit down at the same table, eventually.
Now, picture it -- I had just posted my down in the dumps post online, then walked into the replication of the dreaded lunchroom experience.  My day was not getting better.
Then, God did His amazing thing.  He reached out to me.
My phone notification started going off with Facebook comments.  God reached out to me through some of my amazing friends.  I felt the presence of God through Denise, and Susan, and Beth, and Rhonda, and so many others who offered hope and encouragement in my day.  I have been humbled, and honored, and blessed by their words today.
These comments did much more than give me something to read for part of the first session of this work day: they helped me remember I really am never alone.  I may be in situations where I feel lonely, but I know God is always with me, and His Spirit is working through others to remind me of His goodness and His grace.  
I pray I can do His work to reach out to others -- especially when they may be feeling lonely, and remind them they really never are alone.
STOP (A little more than 5 minutes, but not too bad!)


  1. Hi Amy! I am visiting from FMF.

    And don't let anyone tell us that social media is pointless! Such a wonderful group of friends you have, I am sure, that make you feel like you are not 'alone'. God bless our encouragers!

    So nice to meet you today!

  2. Thank you so much Ceil! Our encouragers definitely are gifts from our great God!
    I'm glad you stopped by today --
    God bless your evening!